Initial appointment fee: $500.00

This appointment includes a complete inspection of the floor per NWFA standards. These standards include: Temperature, Moisture, and Humidity testing of the floor and its environment. Other testing, such as nailing schedule or sub-floor tests, may be provided as each case has individual requirements.

Also included will be a verbal consultation as to what the findings of the inspection are. It is however possible that the inspection may require research, at which point the consultation will take place after such research is completed.

Report writing fee: $200.00

The report will include all necessary documentation for client understanding, mediation, or court case. Both digital photos with explanation and field notes will be included.

Note: It is the inspector's job to provide a written report of the facts and findings for client understanding, mediation or court purposes. It is also the inspector's job not to post immediate blame, but only to interpret the facts and deliver a conclusion as to the wrongful party, cause, and or remedy of the floor situation if requested.

Court appearance $900.00/ day

Inspector shows up for court and gives expert opinion and testimony regarding his report or the report of another inspector.

Report review or second opinion fee $350.00

In this situation if inspection reports, photos and any relative information regarding an existing case is provided, and no site visit is required, and opinion report will be generated.

Travel fee: reimbursement: Max cap $250.00/ night for hotel

Fuel will also be reimbursed on any location over 100 miles round trip.

Drive time: $35/hour

Any location over 60 miles travel distance each way.
Note: all payments are due at time of services, unless otherwise agreed upon.